Price in-game currency PVE and PVP

in stack
/buy expdino1000010,000 dino experience (2500*4)35 ark2500
/buy expdino100000100,000 dino experience (25000*4)150 ark25000
/buy exp1000010,000 player experience (2500*4)50 ark2500
/buy exp100000100,000 player experience (25000*4)350 ark25000
/buy killeggremoves rotten eggs from the map ark
/buy color0Color: Region 0 (Body)20 ark1
/buy color1Color: Region 120 ark1
/buy color2Color: Region 220 ark1
/buy color3Color: Region 320 ark1
/buy color4Color: Region 420 ark1
/buy color5Color: Region 520 ark1
/buy c-bwpaints (gray, black, white) 30 pcs2 ark30
/buy c-yopaints (brown, yellow, orange, pastel) 30 pcs4 ark30
/buy c-rmpaints (red, purple, magenta, magenta) 30 pcs4 ark30
/buy c-gbpaints (green, blue, cyan) 30 pcs4 ark30
/buy seedsall seeds in 10 pieces5 ark10
/buy p-crystalCrystal Island Crystals5 ark2
/buy saltunrefined table salt 10 pieces3 ark10
/buy sulphursulfur 10 pieces3 ark10
/buy gribodrevmushroom wood1 ark50
/buy honeygigap honey5 ark1
/buy bloodleech blood 10 pieces1 ark10
/buy juicetree sap 20 pieces1 ark20
/buy metal100metal 100 pieces2 ark100
/buy metal500metal 500 pieces6 ark48200
/buy milkwyvern milk 1 bottle17 ark1
/buy poisonpoison of the nameless 5 but12 ark5
/buy obsidianobsidian 100 pieces6 ark100
/buy prime-meatprime meat2 ark1
/buy prime-fishfirst class fish2 ark1
/buy woodforest 500 firewood2 ark100
/buy fiberfiber 300 pieces1 ark300
/buy stonestone 500 pieces2 ark100
/buy tnatchtnatch 800 pieces1 ark200
/buy organicorganic polymer 20 pieces2 ark20
/buy hidehide 200 pieces1 ark200
/buy pearlpearl 100 pieces5 ark100
/buy crystalscrystals 100 pieces2 ark100
/buy oilcrude oil 100 barrels4 ark100
/buy amnesiaamnesia - experience distribution (reset)10 ark1
/buy cakecupcake sweet, vegetable3 ark1
/buy flintflint 100 pieces1 ark100
/buy peltpelt 200 pieces3 ark200
/buy chitin100chitin 100 pieces3 ark100
/buy chitin500chitin 500 pieces10 ark100
/buy kib-1kibble basic2 ark1
/buy kib-2simple kibble3 ark1
/buy kib-3kibble normal4 ark1
/buy kib-4kibble is great6 ark1
/buy kib-5kibble exceptional8 ark1
/buy kib-6kibble extraordinary10 ark1

Game sets (can be used later, bought immediately, do not deteriorate - they are stored forever

in a stack
/buy tool_starterbeginner starter kit20 арков11
/buy tool_homegreat builder starter pack200 арков1100
/buy tool_chitinchitin armor set20 арков101
/buy tool_boomshooting games for beginners18 арков11
/buy foodlunch to go10 арков401
/buy soupAunt Tamara's soups25 арков402
/buy healpharmacy kit15 арков4010

Individual map products

TheIsland, Ragnarok, Valguero

in the stack
/buy drop35Request 2x Purple Alien Container! 35 lvl15 arcs351
/buy drop45Request 2x yellow alien container! lvl 4525 arcs451
/buy drop60Request 2x red alien container! lvl 6045 arcs601
/buy spinoSail of SpinosaurusArch 31

Genesis 1.2 -

in the stack
/buy suitSummon Federation TEK SuitArc 11
/buy missionComplete any mission with a win (ONLY WHEN IN THE MISSION AREA!)300 arcs1


in the stack
/buy drop50Request 2x Purple Alien Container! lvl 5050 arcs501
/buy drop65Request 2x Yellow Alien Container! lvl 6560 arcs601
/buy drop80Request 2x red alien container! 80 lvl70 arches701

Scorched Earth

in the stack
/buy drop45Request 2x Purple Alien Container! lvl 4517 arcs451
/buy drop55Request 2x yellow alien container! lvl 5528 arcs551
/buy drop70Request 2x red alien container! lvl 7050 arcs701

theCenter - base protection. In one hand on the tribe in which the buyer is located

in the stack
Application to DISC/VCProtection of structures 20 meters100 arches1
Application to DISC/VCProtection of buildings 50 meters300 arches1
Application to DISC/VCProtection of buildings 100 meters900 arches1

If the buyer leaves the tribe, then the land remains assigned to the tribe, in case someone plays in it. If the tribe has broken up, then the zone remains the property of the buyer, but is not transferred. EVERYONE gets protection in the zone! and EVERYONE can build in it! Be careful!!! If the buildings are destroyed by the term, and a structure is erected in your zone, your zone will be considered captured and you will live with a neighbor!

If your zone is built up along the edges of a foreign base, then you will have to ask to cancel the zone assigned by you or destroy the base of the pest. Money is not returned!

There is also the concept of "you can not build zones next to other people's bases and key objects." The concept of "nearby" is relative and is formed by the Administration, and is interpreted at its discretion. You have the right to refuse building.

With /sell base you can sell Base Craft material