About Project

The ARK-SERVERS project started on November 18, 2018 and since then we have been working without pauses and wipes, keeping the ARK Survival Evolved servers up and running.
The initial thought was to create a copy of the official standard ARK Survival Evolved servers of medium complexity, but with the support of the administration, the absence of commercial services and the provision of increased realism on the servers.

Since the opening, we have reworked the concept of servers, a cluster has been created, replenished with servers when new maps are released. The server was made more difficult, level 150 dinosaurs appeared, carrying in claws was included, making your own recipes with a rating of 1.7, console commands from the chat, an in-game store for in-game currency. The rating for dinosaur growth, incubation and taming has been raised to X3.

The server still adheres to the concept of the original game, and is quite complex for a casual pastime. We recommend the server to players who are not afraid of difficulties, losses and want to feel like in the original game.

Our online is small, few players are able to withstand the harsh world of the original ARK Survival Evolved game and our servers, but nevertheless a few players support the game and play on our servers.